Welcome to my blog – Mrs. Shopper S @chirpyswati

I love and cherish simple things in life and I try to be happy and contented with what I have.  I believe that the most important part of happiness lies in sharing it. Happiness big or small has no meaning if you capture and close it in your heart or head. I like to share my views and reviews. Things that make me happy and not so happy. I like to see things according to the value they add to our lives not alone according to their monetary worth.
I love sharing my thoughts on these little joys of life.

“Swati” – My name is the name of a constellation star Arcturus in Hindi – “Swati Nakshatra” but literally it means that first drop of rain which falls in the mouth of a shell to become a pearl 🙂

|| Kadli, Seep, Bhujang Mukh, Swati Ek Gun Teen ||
|| Jaisi Sangti Baithie, Taisoi Phal Deen ||

A rain drop of Swati Constellation has three distinct effects depending upon where it falls…

if it falls on a kadali, it becomes camphor
if it falls in a shell, it becomes a pearl
if it falls in snake’s mouth, it becomes poison.
So be aware of the association that you have.


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