New Year New Me

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Talking about New Year’s Resolutions –
This is going to be A year of positive vibes šŸ™‚ 2017
Something for everyone.
This Do It Yourself is kind of very inspirational and very calming.
I bet this will help us all in various walks of life.
With so much going on in over lives, with so much load and tension everywhere we all need this tiny little corner in our homes that connects us to our inner selves.
Something happened that made me shout at a friend while playing a game understanding the fact I have never ever done that in my life prior to this made me rectify that behavior and to never repeat it especially on such very unimportant things in life!
This needs positive thoughts in life which is not very difficult to search! Just look within and look around preferably the ones you care for and those who care for you šŸ™‚
Last year in the month of September i got to visit one of the beautiful places in the state of Oregon (Portland). It is Japanese garden that has beautiful landscape and a pretty and very calm and peaceful Zen Garden within its Premises.
I always felt and said that when you visit a place, an exchange occurs. exchange of a very beautiful nature.
You leave a part of yourself at that place and bring with you a part of that place as a memory, a part of your life, Inseparable!
Visiting new places always adds a facet to your personality and stays with you forever!
This DIY is about making your own ZEN Garden –
To understand this first we must know what ZEN is?
Well nothing new its just a word changed from time to time and place to place as it traveled.
Dhyaana / DHYAAN / Chan / ZEN all variants of meditation that helps us in connection to our peaceful environment and peaceful self!
Mahayana Buddhism emphasizing the value of meditation and intuition.
So basically a Zen Garden is a Japanese rock garden or a dry landscape garden created using sand, rocks, water, plants and other things like miniature Idols and symbols of Faith.
“A lovely presentation of our emotions in the most inexpensive ways”
It adds so much value to the home just like a sacred place of worship for any room of the house!
This is my Version of a Zen Garden and i will add more to it as needed.
Sending Positive Vibes across!
Happy Meditating!
– Swati
Copyright Ā© 2017 [COPYRIGHT SWATI SAXENA]. All Rights Reserved.

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