Sound Intone Headphones #Review

Intone Ms200 Stereo Headsets Strong Low Bass Headphones Earbuds for Smartphones Mp3/4 Laptop Computers Tablet Macbook Folding Gaming Earphones (White/red).@ $16.98 only.

First things first, I thought of having a headphones for myself which is good quality and fair price too. Earlier my husband and I shared a headphone and it’s funny how we caught like kids for those. So, I decided to order these classic yet cool looking headphones: Sound Intone Headphones for myself keeping in mind my necessities of the accessory.

As I mentioned earlier that I did not wanted to spend a fortune on these so I hunted for good quality budget friendly headphones. An opportunity to test this pretty set in red and white was a great luck with which I understood that its not necessary to have spent so much always when you can do it in lesser.These came in a well packaged box which would be nice enough for gifting too.

These headphones are very string and sturdy, very well made and deliver what they are meant for.The plastic used is not at all flimsy or easy to break with falling down or sitting on it accidentally.The cord is properly attached to the headband part.

There is a problem with my ears that they do not support those small ear insert able earphones. Those just slip away as soon as I try putting then in.

So I prefer headphones, these are particularly nice as they can be folded like goggles and kept in a qhand bag while traveling.

The jack can be inserted easily and when done so property has zero connection error.The card is so long that I don’t think it will ever pose a problem attaching to the under table  CPU of the PC. It is long and braided for extra strenght.The quality of sound is great for the price.

Here is the Amazon link where you may buy it-  (Pictures from Amazon Listing) 


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