Baby Pinch Boutique Rainbow colored spoons for tiny tots: Review

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I ordered these ultimately cute looking baby spoons set for my two year old nephew.
Although he is very much into eating habits by self by now.
But its always a worry when he holds steel spoon in his tiny mouth because of the sharpness.
These spoons not only looks so cute and beautiful but are actually very well made for kids.
These spoons are so appropriate for tiny tot’s little hands and fingers.
The wooden and silicone combination makes them even more reliable for the little ones.
These are free from a chemicals BPA etc. that gives a lot of relief to give it to him.
These spoons have become his favorite and one more ways to have his food on proper time.
The rainbow colors assortment us another way that they look so attractive to kids and everyone included.
The silicone tips and bamboo handle are detachable which makes these easier to wash.
The box in which it came is another highlight of these spoons.
When I first saw the box I said to myself Oh my God! such a pretty keepsake box it is.
This one is for sure for the keeps, You instantly fall in love with these cuties.
These are five spoons and the size specifications can be seen in the images I attached herewith.
This is such a great gifting idea for expecting mothers, new parents and to the parents with tiny tots!
These are so colorful and are unisex so can be purchased for a baby boy or baby girl alike.
The finishing of bamboo handle is remarkable with no sharp unfinished bamboo parts.
The engraving of a baby face on handle is so cute.
I think they are so cute that even you want to try eating with them once in a while lol.
For me its a great purchase decision even if it was full price paid by me.
Disclaimer- I received this BABY PINCH BOUTIQUE SPOON GIFT SET at a discounted rate in exchange of my honest and unbiased opinion.
All the thoughts are my own based on my personal experience.
You can buy it at a special discount code for your purchase from their website through this link and save –
Or but from Amazon at $24.95 here –
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Have a nice day!


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