Better than the best !! Great Tweezer!!

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I Ordered these tweezers for my self as i never went to a beauty parlor for setting up my eyebrows as the are in shape already just a few here and theres on the margin or forehead.
I usually don’t like pay visit to the beauty parlors for some small tasks like eyebrows and upper lip .
Also I don’t have much thicker Facial hair growth so most of the times a few here and there with the tweezers is suffice .
I must say that this one is the best i ever found in all my collection and believe me i have tons of then by now.
I am more comfortable in plucking hair and give it a clean look instead of waxing and other painful means and having said that i believe me i find it less painful because i have only a few thin hair to remove from along the sides of eyebrows.
This tweezer is very gentle in skin if used properly in particular direction.
It has an excellent grip and makes the task very very easy !!
I have become a fan of the quality of the tweezers as grip is the main point to be considered while buying a tweezers.
I must say many high end tweezers have not been able do that .
The little tube box it comes in is a real help because i always want to carry my favorite tweezer with me in my handbag !
Disclaimer- I received this tweezer at a discounted rate in exchange of my honest and unbiased opinion.
All the thoughts about this are my own.
Have a nice day!
You can buy this awesome tweezer too @ $5.99
Better Tweezer on Amazon


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