Embolden Jewelry : “Silver Open Heart Set” Review

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I ordered this set for myself to go with a red frock dress to be worn on Valentines day. The moment i received the packet i opened it up to my surprise with the amazing quality .. i was worried about it being susceptible to corrosion or flaky or flimsy but none was the case with this one The metal is shiny and no where I could find any unfinished metal edges.
PRESENTATION- I personally bought it for myself so this doesn’t matter much but if you are sending it to someone as a gift this really counts.
The set came in a neat velvet bag to protect the set from scratches Along with small zip-locks for each piece.
It comprises of –
1) i) A chain and a pendant 18 inches long with clasp at ends and
ii) Pendant of the size of a quarter coin Chain and pendant can be separated.
2) Earrings Pair -Slanted hearts hoop earring a bit smaller than a cent coin.
3) An adjustable bracelet Simple open and adjustable bangle with heart ends
4) A small black velvet drawstring bag with embossed brand name.
PRICE- Its nominally priced at $17.05 and I personally feel that it makes
QUALITY- Remarkably good quality keeping the marked price in mind. Stamped with number 925 which means each piece is .925 Sterling Sliver.
A great value for money, this set has such a nice and well made quality. All the three pieces 3 pieces are finely crafted and finishing is very proper. Also great for any age and occasion. I love the shapes of each heart.
This is my personal opinion. Thank you for taking the time to read my review. I hope this is been helpful for you in making wise purchase decisions. Please feel free to ask any questions you may think of and have a blessed day.
DISCLAIMER – I received this jewelry set for FREE in exchange for my HONEST AND UNBIASED REVIEW.
BUY IT HERE For great first purchase discounts
Embolden on Amazon –
Embolden Jewelry Website

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