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The slideshow explains all but i have to tell you about this absolutely well crafted headband by Valder Textiles!
I received the product for my honest opinion for free in a multi product package along with my other orders.
1- MULTIPLE USES- I tried to use this beautiful band in a number of ways and in all of            them it looked so elegant and classy. I used it as it is a headband, a belt, a necklace, a        showpiece.. and many more uses can be there.
2- LOOK – This is a very nice and beautifully crafted headband. The first impression ranks      at a 5/5 for this beautiful piece.
3- MATERIAL- The flowers are made of polymer clay and are beautifully crafted and              have a well finished look with out any rough edges, It also red beads and very                      shiny crystals which adds to the beauty.
4- RIBBON – The whole band is weaved  on wire and the wire is very nicely covered with a      bright red satin ribbon which is of great quality and runs throughout the band and can      be adjusted according to the size and desired use.
5- HANDCRAFTED- This is a beautiful piece, made with fineness. It would make a great          gift this Valentine’s or any special day.
1- As i received the product with other products so there was this plain zip lock bag with       company info printed on it. There could be pouch or something to keep it shining for         long. well that’s a minus for me.
2- Tying a knot in satin ribbon at the back of your head can be tricky and i got a few                strands of my hair broken as i knotted them too. there could be a loop or something            to make that easier.
3- WEIGHT-  A bit heavier and that’s due the use of wire to make it sturdy and strong for      longer use. But that’s not actually a minus point!? 😀
Overall Experience – I highly recommend this product!
A 5 starer !*****!
You can buy this highly recommended product here-
Valder Red Headband
Valder White Headband




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