KINPS Bluetooth Speaker Power Bank Review

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KINPS Bluetooth Speaker Power Bank Review –
First things first – I got mine in red and white and I received a highly discount unit for my honest and unbiased opinion and review.
So here is my full on examination of the product inside out –
As soon as it pressed the power button on the top panel a female voice prompted “The       device now ON and is ready to be used”. I then synced it with my phone and it was as         easy as it can be. My phone searched for the device The female voice prompter “The           bluetooth is now connected and is ready to use”. I played the recent video from                   YouTube and WOW the device impressed me.
2- LOUDNESS -I am a big music freak and like to listen my music loud! And boy! its really      LOUD! I can always use it for pool parties and fun get together.
3- SOUND QUALITY- I must say that the cute looking KINPS sounds pretty nice when it          come to judge it by its quality. It doesn’t sound harsh or shrill with a background                noise. But surprisingly for the price its offered its sound quality is awesome. It has a          nice and soothing quality of sound
4-  SIZE – Its a very handy speaker can be held in palms grip. And for this size it makes it       very continent to carry around in handbags also.
5- BATTERY LIFE- Powerful 5000mAh built-in polymer lithium battery provides hours of playback time, mine worked for about 8 hours of battery life is outstanding for such a small         and light weighted device.
6- DESIGN- An absolute marvel, great quality in designing.
MINUSES- I opened the packet which was not very impressive because of 2 reasons :
1- PACKAGING- A package is the storyteller of the object inside and this one had a plain,        dull looking packaging without any logos or much information.
2- SAFETY-  The package could have not saved the product inside in case of any accident        during shipping.. yes it wasn’t made to bear any shocks of falling it was simple a paper      box with a thin plastic mold case inside.
3- FEATURE- The suction / vacuum buttons given on one side to hold the phone or music      devises was not that strong to hold my phone for too long .. yes it slipped a few times        and i had readjust it.
Very nice and I would genuinely recommend it.



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