Jane Iredale




I am very skeptic about the change in any of my most trusted skincare and makeup products so I was a bit apprehensive when my friend talked me into trying out the make up range of Jane Iredale.
I have a bit sensitive facial skin and avoid chemical based beauty products as they often cause clogged pores and lead to bumps and pimples in my oily T-Zone.
Furthermore my friend talked me into having a chat or e-mail consultation with advisers at there end. I was convinced to send them to seek some information regarding my exact skin concerns. Quickly enough I got a reply from them in a detailed manner they gave many options of products that I can try on and they can send a color matching consultation.
I told them I was looking forward to try something that would work for my oily t zone and very dry cheeks, mainly looking out for foundations that can cover up the difference.
The very courteous personal shopper on the other end said to send my samples out in the same day’s mail so I can use them straight away and if I had any queries regarding their application, I should let them know.
The kit arrived the next week and i was pleasantly surprised that right from the first dab on my cheek I could sense that this was the product for me regarding their foundation based dream tint. It was so smooth and it spread nicely with the best coverage for a pimple mark on my cheek that I failed to hide even with the best in the market.
Well about their Oily Skin Facial Primer & Brightener, I am yet to use to be able to conclude on its results.
Overall I found something that delivers what it promises.
You can find these amazing products on their official site –
https://janeiredale.com/ or
www.dermstore.com 2030

  • All views are my first hand and i received the sample kit but I was not compensated to express my views and review the product.

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