Shop Miss A Addict

shop miss a

Hi beauties 🙂 ❤ How are you today?? ❤ love to all 🙂

Wanted to share the fun of online shopping that i recently discovered 😀

“Shop Miss A”

MY Experience ! – This is a great site with a little to spend on. A big thumbs up!!! 😀

HOW I CAME TO KNOW ABOUT MISS A – May be because I resent spending too much on myself is the reason that i landed on this site but for all good i explored it and the reviews are excellent all over the internet.

Just make a mind list of all may need in your handbag while planning for a vacation of a trip and you will not be disappointed by this site 🙂

OUTCOME ?? –  I went to hawaii on my honeymoon recently and everyone is appreciating my cool jewellery, hair pieces, etc…. My statement necklaces, rings, floral bands, chains are the most praised to name a few All from Shop Miss A..!!! A great deal indeed! 🙂

Moolah??? How much are you willing to spend and whats your budget??

Well in the beginning i was a bit reluctant so i ordered under the ten dollar play safe bet.. My order had two nail paints, three necklaces, one ring,one lipstick and i loved them all 😀 Great packaging and everything in a bubble wrap !!They have 3.95$ shipping charges/order in the US, so i advise you to go for a big order rather two or three small ones.


Recommendations –  Great site indeed for a small-budget-for-makeup-person 🙂

Promise – Next post will be regarding the DIYs that can be done with these cool objects of desire once you have what you ordered 🙂 or may be what you already have with you.

Love ❤ SS


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