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The lip pencil and lipstick both are pretty pigmented and are great colors to carry in all seasons.
Two of these that received were Lip Pencils (020 & 044) from to test as part of the Bite Lip Pencil VoxBox. These include two lip pencils and two mini lipsticks along with a very necessary sephora lip pencil sharpener

The colors are contrasting and in pair of light and dark that could be mixed and matched

Got #thelippencil voxbox from Influenster.
Thanks a lot ! @influenster @bitebeauty for free testing purposes 😊😊💐😍😘💅💖💝💞💟

I received these products complimentary from influenster for testing purposes.

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New Year New Me

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Talking about New Year’s Resolutions –
This is going to be A year of positive vibes 🙂 2017
Something for everyone.
This Do It Yourself is kind of very inspirational and very calming.
I bet this will help us all in various walks of life.
With so much going on in over lives, with so much load and tension everywhere we all need this tiny little corner in our homes that connects us to our inner selves.
Something happened that made me shout at a friend while playing a game understanding the fact I have never ever done that in my life prior to this made me rectify that behavior and to never repeat it especially on such very unimportant things in life!
This needs positive thoughts in life which is not very difficult to search! Just look within and look around preferably the ones you care for and those who care for you 🙂
Last year in the month of September i got to visit one of the beautiful places in the state of Oregon (Portland). It is Japanese garden that has beautiful landscape and a pretty and very calm and peaceful Zen Garden within its Premises.
I always felt and said that when you visit a place, an exchange occurs. exchange of a very beautiful nature.
You leave a part of yourself at that place and bring with you a part of that place as a memory, a part of your life, Inseparable!
Visiting new places always adds a facet to your personality and stays with you forever!
This DIY is about making your own ZEN Garden –
To understand this first we must know what ZEN is?
Well nothing new its just a word changed from time to time and place to place as it traveled.
Dhyaana / DHYAAN / Chan / ZEN all variants of meditation that helps us in connection to our peaceful environment and peaceful self!
Mahayana Buddhism emphasizing the value of meditation and intuition.
So basically a Zen Garden is a Japanese rock garden or a dry landscape garden created using sand, rocks, water, plants and other things like miniature Idols and symbols of Faith.
“A lovely presentation of our emotions in the most inexpensive ways”
It adds so much value to the home just like a sacred place of worship for any room of the house!
This is my Version of a Zen Garden and i will add more to it as needed.
Sending Positive Vibes across!
Happy Meditating!
– Swati
Copyright © 2017 [COPYRIGHT SWATI SAXENA]. All Rights Reserved.

MHD Hair Culrler Mini 10 inches Dual Voltage Hair Curling Wand Ceramic Curling Iron Pink by MHD Review

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I got my hands on this very compact and easy to use curling wand and i must say that this is a must have if you like to style your hair on the go!
I was recommended by a very good friend of mine abut this curler and its effectiveness so i wanted to give it a try!
Since i have long hair and paying a visit to a hair styling salon costs me a lot of money.
I love curling my hair as i have naturally wavy hair and to make it more prominent and i can now curl them quickly with out much hard work with my new curling iron MHD Hair Culrler Mini 10 inches Dual Voltage Hair Curling Wand Ceramic Curling Iron in Pink color
by MHD
when I got this curler i thought it was similar to my old curling wand and but its obviously better because i am able to carry it in my hand bag as its so small.
It curled up my hair in just a few minutes and lesser effort.
It heated up fast and gave the desired result in a little trying.
Since its so small and effective its a good value for money purchase. I would recommend it if you are looking fr something handy and effective at the same time.
The curling wand heats up quickly and make good curls in minutes.
My hair looked nice and bouncy when i curled my hair with the curler just like my big bulky ceramic curler which are not handy at all.
You can buy it on Amazon –

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I have been using most loreal products since a long time and I never had any trouble with any of the products so when I got these pretty red streaks of color in my hair I trusted the known brand for nourishing the coLor damaged hair .

The shampoo conditioner and the revolutionary hair mask is a trio taht you cannot miss to try !

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

Flawless voxbox woohoo

​I Received this fabulous flawless voxbox from influenster for testing and reviewing purposes.
#voxbox #influenster #sponsored #loveit this voxbox is a complementary box for testing purposes

The products included were unique and the assortment was truly very varied .

Loved all the products especially the epsom salts packet by Dr Teal’s epsom salts.

It’s a full size giveaway pack and really soothes the body when soaked in it .

So lashy lash mascara was a wonderful experience too.

Yogi tea dip packs , nail paint by sinful colors, ebates card , simple wipes and Cleansing water with harvest snaps snacks were also included and were a great find too.

AMOPE® GelActiv™ Insoles #Review #Crowdtap #sponsored

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AMOPE® GelActiv™ Insoles are really comfortable and very soft . They ease off the pain associated with  high heels .

I love wearing high heels with all my party outfits and i adore my footwear with high heels but the only thing that keeps me away from them is the pain that i go through.

Thanks to Crowdtap that i came to know about these wonderful insoles now i am not wearing my high heels with out AMOPE INSOLES attached 🙂

Influenster voxbox unboxing and review

This is a very special voxbox that I recently received from Influenster as a test sample .

The brand  is a high quality product supplier for testers and it never fails to surprise me with new Voxboxes and their content.

This voxbox is loaded with the following goodies –

1 – The delete all nail paint remover which is my absolute favorite as it sponge based and I love the fact that it erases Paint super quickly and completely.

2 – Set of 4 step manicure paints kit including easy to follow guide chart.

Steps are 

1 cleanse 

2 prime 

3 color 

4 shine


“I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes but all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.” @FormulaXNail @Influenster  #systemaddict and #contest

Sound Intone Headphones #Review

Intone Ms200 Stereo Headsets Strong Low Bass Headphones Earbuds for Smartphones Mp3/4 Laptop Computers Tablet Macbook Folding Gaming Earphones (White/red).@ $16.98 only.

First things first, I thought of having a headphones for myself which is good quality and fair price too. Earlier my husband and I shared a headphone and it’s funny how we caught like kids for those. So, I decided to order these classic yet cool looking headphones: Sound Intone Headphones for myself keeping in mind my necessities of the accessory.

As I mentioned earlier that I did not wanted to spend a fortune on these so I hunted for good quality budget friendly headphones. An opportunity to test this pretty set in red and white was a great luck with which I understood that its not necessary to have spent so much always when you can do it in lesser.These came in a well packaged box which would be nice enough for gifting too.

These headphones are very string and sturdy, very well made and deliver what they are meant for.The plastic used is not at all flimsy or easy to break with falling down or sitting on it accidentally.The cord is properly attached to the headband part.

There is a problem with my ears that they do not support those small ear insert able earphones. Those just slip away as soon as I try putting then in.


So I prefer headphones, these are particularly nice as they can be folded like goggles and kept in a qhand bag while traveling.


The jack can be inserted easily and when done so property has zero connection error.The card is so long that I don’t think it will ever pose a problem attaching to the under table  CPU of the PC. It is long and braided for extra strenght.The quality of sound is great for the price.

Here is the Amazon link where you may buy it-  (Pictures from Amazon Listing)


Laminas Silicone Vegetable Steamer Review

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We are often distracted by all the “tasty” and fried food that encircles us in a trap which is hard to get out of.
But if we all try a bit harder then its easy to make that healthy food easily and i van be made temping too.
One such personal experience of mine is shared in this blog post.
If yo are also trying to shed those extra kilos then you should be interested in this.
A year ago when i got married i was just weighing barely 50 Kilos which was appropriate for my height as i am not a tall person.
But blame the love or happiness or whatever i started putting on weight very rapidly,
I become 57 Kg. in Just 6 months .. That was when i started gym but nothing helped because i was eating all the fried and spicy food be it home made or not!
This was the time i started changing our food habits.
Steamed food is a great way loosing weight and cutting on carbs.
We are feeling healthier and lighter with all the steamed food just a little spices added for our Indian Taste buds lol 😛
I earlier had a steel steamer which was working well but eventually started rusting.
So I recently ordered this silicone steamer from Amazon.
This is a wonderful choice if you are looking for a steamer.
It also fits easier into my pan, light and very easy to store.
I have so many cooking utensils with limited storage space.
It also matches most of my kitchen gadgets.
I was very happy that this steamer took up less space than my original metal one.
Plus the handles don’t heat up and silicone material withstands heat to high temperature.
I was able to loop them around the pan handles to keep the items I wanted to steam from resting right on the foods below.
It was much easier to wash than my metal one is.
I am very happy with this steamer. I would not hesitate to recommend this item to any of my friends or family.
I received this item at a promotional discount price for the purpose of evaluation on my blog for my honest and unbiased opinion and review.

You can buy it here on Amazon for $10.05 at sale currently!

Have a Happy and Healthy Day! ❤